Top Productivity Tips From Women in Tech

 Being a female in the technology industry can bring up many questions. Isn’t it hard being a female in tech? How do you keep up? Aren’t you like the only girl in the office? It’s no secret that the tech industry is predominantly a man’s world, where women take up fewer than 1 in 4 technical job roles. Working in such a competitive field and having the lower hand must mean these women have conjured up some great tips to staying productive and on top of things!

So today we wanted to share some advice and productivity tips from women in the tech world. We talked to Aliza Levinger, a Developer for 3nom (an IT solutions firm based in NYC and Miami) and Lana Pant, project manager for 3nom. And here is what they had to say.

Always Set a Focus for the Day

Levinger said, “I find I’m the most productive when I set a focus for the day. Knowing what I want to achieve and feel like at the end of the day fuels me to keep going. Also, a cup of pour-over coffee and an occasional cookie definitely help.” Especially with our current work from home order, it can be easy to get off track and distracted. Coming up with a plan and set of goals for the day can really help you meet your deadlines. Try using a daily calendar or to keep track of your goals.

Stay Organized

We have been learning how to stay organized since elementary school. Keeping a backpack, folders and a clean desk have always been a must. And that is no different in the working world. It’s important to keep your belonging organized, but even your thoughts and discussions. Pant said, “I write everything down, even things that may appear insignificant. It may seem odd but in the end, I always have the latest status on projects, questions that need to be answered, and items to work on if I need to shift gears for a moment. Pouring my to-do list out on paper and not mulling over it in my head helps me focus and stay productive.”


Keep Current

Working in the tech world means things are always changing and evolving. Like many industries, it’s important to keep on top of the news and know what is relevant to your industry. If you fall too behind, you risk an opportunity for competitors to jump ahead of you.

Have an Inspiring Work Space

Typically employees are working out of an office space, but since Coronavirus and the closure of non-essential businesses, many are forced to work from home. Whether your workspace is in an office or at home it’s important that the space inspires you to work. Place a picture of a loved one, or a fun memory, play around with a fun mouse pad or have a spare pair of house slippers under your desk to make it feel more comfortable. “I like to create a vision board at my workplace. It has people who inspire me and goals I want to hit for the year,” said Levinger.

What we can take from these lovely women of 3nom is, set goals, stay on target, stay organized and surround yourself with inspiration!

This guest post was authored by Aroon Duncanson

Aroon Duncanson is a Miami blogger and social media marketing specialist. She currently works with 3nom, a New York and Miami based IT Solutions firm.  Aroon is also a social media manager for several Miami med spa businesses. She graduated from the Nicholson School of Communications with her degree in Advertising and Public Relations and has a passion for the field. Duncanson enjoys writing all different topics, from tech, beauty, fashion and health, whatever inspires her audience, inspires her.
You can follow all her socials @AroonMelane.

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